Welcome to our Client form page, all necessary forms and agreements are listed below. All forms are highly secure and HIPPA compliant. 


Once you have setup a 30min FREE consultation or session please click on the appropriate  " New Client Questionnaire and Agreement Forms Icon" & complete, digitally sign & securely and submit your forms. 

Remember. You must complete ALL Forms including: Session Forms & Online Counseling Consent Form before session or session will be rescheduled.

Form #1. Marriage Couple Counseling Forms ( Must be filled out by both individuals)

    New Client Marriage Questionnaire and Agreement Form 

Form #2. Dating and Relationship Counseling Forms (Must be filled out by both individuals)

     New Client Dating and Relationship Questionnaire and Agreement Form

Form #3. Premarital Couple Counseling Form

     New Client Premarital Questionnaire and Agreement Form

Form #4. Individual Counseling Form

    New Client Individual Questionnaire and Agreement Form

Form #5. Additional Forms

     T.R.M. Premarital Counseling Questionnaire Form

Virtual Zoom Software

To secure our Video or Chat session for privacy please install the ZOOM Software. You should see "Install Zoom" icon . For Step by step picture by picture instructions are located here Links to Instructions Once you install ZOOM you will not need to reinstall for future sessions.