Success in life, marriage or your individual relationships doesn't have to be a financial strain. Having successfully helped over 600 clients/individuals/couples and have been happily married for over 16 years, we are delighted to offer you our expertise as your Christian Biblical Therapist as well as Christian Pre-Marital, Marital Counselor/ Coach and Relationship Expert and Educators.

Step #1:
 Contact us for a FREE 30 min phone consultation. 
Get your FREE 30minute phone or online consultation by calling our office at (813) 260-9740 or by completing the Contact Us form. During our phone or online Zoom call, we’ll spend 30 discussing your needs and to better assess how we can help you.

Step #2: 
Select one of the counseling packages below that best fits your needs. 

Individual /Couple Therapy

(1) 60-90 min session-$120

Session Therapy PACKAGE (Save $100)

4 (60-90 min) sessions –$380 6 (60-90 min) sessions -$620 8 (60-90 min) sessions -$860

Couple Assessments

Prepare & Enrich (6-8) Sessions: $760.00 S.Y.M.B.I.S. (6-8) Sessions: $760.00 ($35 assessment fee not included) *All session are 60-90mins

Couple Intensives

6-Hr Virtual Intensive: $770.00 1-Day Virtual Intensive: $810.00. 2-Day Virtual Intensive: $1080.00 (All fees are due 24hrs prior to intensive)

*All fees and payments are due by 6pm E.S.T the day prior to your upcoming session

*All fees have to be 100% paid prior to your upcoming session unless otherwise agreed upon.

*Cancelations made within 24 hours of upcoming session is a $75.00 charge if you have already paid, unless otherwise agreed upon.

* No Shows to any scheduled sessions will be charged $120.00, unless otherwise agreed upon.

*Receipt of payment will be emailed to you within 24hrs of payment.

Step #3 
Once you have remitted your payment successfully, we will then send out a receipt of payment within 24hr. We will you send a confirmation text of upcoming session 24hr prior to session and then we will email the Zoom teleconferencing invitation link for the upcoming session the morning of the session.

To submit on the appropriate link(CASHAPP or PAYPAL)

About Insurance

Unfortunately, we do not accept any form of insurance.  There are several advantages to paying privately:

1. You have the freedom to choose your counselor and the type of care you receive.
When you are paying privately, you have the autonomy to choose the best counselor suited for your needs rather than the insurance company limiting who you can see and limiting the number of sessions. You also have flexibility in the type of counseling including Christian biblical counseling, who to include in the session, and the length of services.

2. You will have complete confidentiality.  
Your records will not be shared with anyone without your permission. In fact, no one else will know you are in counseling unless you tell them.

3. You will be able to stay with your counselor even if your insurance plan coverage changes.
Paying privately means you don't need permission from a third-party, and that you have complete control over which provider you see and for how long.