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An engagement ring… A wedding in the upcoming year…So much to do…You are preparing for a successful wedding, but are you also preparing for a successful marriage? What should you do next?

Over half of first marriages end in divorce. HALF!

The rates are even higher for second and third marriages.

No one enters into marriage planning to get divorced, but unfortunately, that is the reality we are faced with. Many times couples enter into the marriage relationship never having seen a healthy, functional marriage to pattern theirs after. Oftentimes, couples lack the essential skills in communication and conflict resolution or don’t fully understand the concepts of companionship and covenant that are required to see a marriage through for a lifetime.

Couples spend a significant amount of time and money planning the perfect wedding ceremony and reception, without really thinking much about preparing for their marriage!

Christian Pre-Martial/Engagement counseling and coaching is a great place to help answer that question and/or prepare yourselves for the wonderful journey of marriage! Pre-Engagement/Engagement Coaching is designed for individuals or couples who are/are not yet engaged to be married, but who are dating and considering marriage together. This process will help you better understand how your upbringings may affect the patterns, habits, values and understandings you both bring to marriage.

It will also explore and discuss common responsibilities that come with marriage, such as finances, in-laws, communication, gender roles, expectations and faith. In this process you will reflect on and affirm your understanding of marriage, as well as your dreams, needs and expectations of one another in a safe and positive format.
Pre-Martial/Engagement Coaching is an invaluable tool to better understand yourselves, each other, and your relationship and future together.

Successful relationships don’t just happen. They need to be tended to and supported, just like anything else worth having. Just like you wouldn’t expect to have a brilliant career without first educating yourself and doing the work, and the same is true for having a wonderful, harmonious marriage.

Smart, proactive couples invest in the quality of their lives together by using expert premarital counseling to get in alignment, learn essential relationship skills, prevent future problems, and create a long-term plan to keep their love strong.

Finally, we are highly qualified to meet all your premarital counseling needs:

Certified Marriage and Relationship Educator and Specialist.
Certified Biblical Family Therapist
Certified Christian Restorative Therapist
Certified Professional Marriage/ Relationship Christian Coach
Certified Professional Christian Leadership Coach
Certified S.Y.M.B.I.S and Prepare & Enrich Assessment Facilitator
Certified Christian Marriage Mentor
Certified Marriage on The Rock Leader

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