You can also ask your spouse to call our office. All counseling and coaching is designed for couples, now if they refuse then you can learn some communication skills yourself to help your marriage. Furthermore, you can still change the dynamics of your relationship simply by making changes in the way you respond and react to them.   Thus, you will bring about changes in the relationship by addressing your own issues and making personal progress.
Over the past several years, we have enjoyed seeing incredible miracles in marriage restoration.  Literally, marriages being raised from the dead.   You can rest assured that you and your spouse will be given tools that will improve the quality of your marriage.  With God direction we will help you create the understandings and accountability you need to use the tools and be successful.
Remember God is a miracle worker. Furthermore, many couples come to us just prior to going to see a divorce lawyer and are amazed at the results. This is what one wife shared:
“This was the last straw. If counseling/coaching didn’t work, it would have been divorce. Before coaching, I was stressed out and burned out. Our marriage was unhealthy and dysfunctional. I often thought it would be better if we divorced. Coaching/Counseling was truly an answer to prayer. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was salve on a deep wound. We now have hope. My husband is not my enemy. We are communicating better, respecting more, work as a team and are dating again. This program is rock solid. I can’t think of anything to make it better. Just get it out there for others to hear about.”
Do you really WANT a divorce or do you just want to be happy again?  What do you have to lose?  Call us TODAY.
Coaching and counseling is confidential and we can only address what you bring up.  The couples who see the best results and the biggest breakthroughs are those who are open, honest and transparent.  Remember,we cannot help you create solutions to issues that are not discussed.
Christian Marriage counseling and coaching is not about who is right or wrong.  Explain it this way:
We all grow up on different teams and learn the plays (how we communicate, handle anger, resolve conflict, address hurts, our expectations, etc.) that work on our team.  We get married and create a new team.  Unfortunately, we bring our old playbook and do not share it effectively with our new teammate.  Christian Marriage counselors help your team create a common playbook so you can create a healthy marriage.  Christian marriage counselors are on the “side” of the marriage and the assumption is neither spouse is right or wrong, just different.
Yes, it is worth it.  The problem is not that either one of you are the problem.  The problem is that you are different and it is the differences and inability to effectively address them that causes the problem. Marriage counseling and coaching creates a common understanding of the issues you face together and a framework for resolving them. It helps you work together more effectively as a team.
The Right Marriage counseling and coaching is extremely affordable.  It sounds crazy, especially when you consider the inventory and workbooks are also included in this price if needed.  We believe so strongly in what we provide you and that you will understand the value of what you will receive. Our pricing is very minimal, because we want to reach as many people and couples that we can. We will try to work will all budgets.

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Absolutely!,...We believe that the best way to learn new skills from counseling is to implement homework during the week and between sessions. Also give out applicable handout( communication, conflict resolution, etc) , so that you will leave counseling with actual handouts that you can keep and use well after counseling with us.