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Is your marriage in the emergency room of your life? Are you exhausted from all the turmoil and strife that is going on in your marriage? Do you feel beaten-down, hopeless and alone? Are you experiencing anxiety, heartbreak, or overwhelm in your marriage amplified by the profound stress of COVID-19? Is your relationship currently in a state of crisis?

You don’t have to feel alone anymore. We are here. We can help you create the marriage you have always longed for. Please don’t lose hope. Although you may not be able to see a happy result from where you are now, we have seen it in 93% of the couples who come to us. There is hope – let us help you.

Faith-Based Christian Marriage Intensive that is scripturally focused that produces quick results

The Right  Marriage Online Christian couples intensives are a compelling alternative to weekly couples therapy, especially for couples with a hectic work schedule.

In a biblical focused and concise way, we get to the heart of the matter quickly and with great care and respect. We use unique " Team Couple" approach methods proven to give you the best chance at understanding and healing what’s not working in your marriage.

We’ve designed a variety of options, especially for you:

● A FREE 30-45-minute phone consultation with one of our couples therapists to offer you support and a plan to move forward

● A series of online intensive sessions equivalent to 2- 3 months of therapy in just 1 or 2 days.

● 6-hour mini online intensive sessions that serve marriages in deep trouble now!

A expensive divorce is NOT the answer, invest in hope and reconciliation today! Call Us Now!

What is a Marriage Intensive?

A Right Marriage Christian online intensive is a confidential period of counseling over 6 hours, or 1-2 days of uninterrupted time that allow us to help you get to the root of your issues and work through resolution faster. Even with weekly marriage counseling sometimes, the start-and-stop of 60- 90 minute sessions can make it difficult to get to root issues quick. Our Christian result focused intensive allows you the gift of uninterrupted time, which allow us to help you make the progress you want and need. In fact, you’ll receive months worth of counseling in just 1 to 2 days!

The ability for you to be free from all distractions is an essential part of the path to healing that we offer. Our faith-based scriptural approach is designed to get to the root issues quicker than weekly traditional counseling. 


A Right Marriage Christian intensive program is able to address your needs around a variety of topics including:

  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Infidelity and Reconciliation
  • Intimacy and sexual issues
  • Financial strains
  • Blended families
  • Children or career conflicts

Most couples that attend an Christian Intensive are experiencing a significant amount of marital distress, unhealthy communication or have even begun the divorce process. If you find yourselves stuck in patterns and cycles of conflict with no results, an intensive could be right for you.

Even with this level of distress, over 99% of the couples we served said that we addressed their concerns. We hear many couples say that they feel their issues are particularly “bad” or challenging. We’ve heard it all, and you are not alone.  Call us for a FREE consultation to help you identify which program will best meet your needs. 

Day 1: The first part of your intensive devoted to our becoming experts on your relationship and getting to work. We’ll look at how you fight (or don’t), the quality of your friendship, your dreams and goals, and your intimacy and life challenges. At the heart of our work is the Prepare and Enrich Assessment or S.Y.M.B.I.S Assessment if necessary, a comprehensive tool that examines the many facets of your marriage.

Note: All intensives will be covering in some manner : personal stress, communication, conflict resolution,  partner style and habits, financial management, leisure activities, sexual expectations, family and friends, relationship roles, spiritual beliefs, marriage expectations, and parenting expectations.We will then "dig deep" into the issues and engage in scriptural focused, thoughtful and well-paced conversations with us, that allows us to gain a rich understanding of the landscape of your marriage together, its peaks and valleys, and your future horizons. 

With multiple days devoted to our work together, we’ll accomplish what would normally take 7 hours/4 weeks of couples therapy, in just the first day.

Day 2: With a thorough understanding of the terrain of your relationship, day 2 of your retreat are devoted to the acquisition new  communication and conflict resolution skills and to further uncover and work through the complex issues that need to be addressed.Simply put, we will skillfully guide you both through those familiar gridlocked places. The difference — you’ll have the time, tools and support needed to get unstuck, to take risks, to feel heard, and to hear your partner in ways that previously felt impossible. And we won’t shy away from the tough stuff.

What's Next?: To maximize the gains you’ll make during your online intensive, it’s essential that you both leave us with a plan of action to further your growth in your marriage.We’ll wrap up the marriage intensive by consolidating the work you’ve done and sending you both on your way with a plan for success.

In addition to the gains of your intensive, you’ll leave us with:

  • A summary of your relationship skills, and tools acquired during your weekend with us
  • Recommendations for supplemental treatment if needed
  • An (optional) 30-minute follow-up phone interview to ensure you are satisfied with us and the gains you’ve made
  • A wealth of handouts and worksheets to further your progress that you both have made.

Please Note: Each couple has their own story and specific situation, so we will adjust the intensive format as needed to fit your specific situation.

Build the foundation for healthy communication, trust, intimacy, and friendship in the years to come. 

Contact us now and schedule your FREE 30 or 45 min introductory phone or Zoom consultation today. 

Christian, Scripturally Focused Approach That Produces Results

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Where it happens? Our Christian online intensive takes place in the comfort of your own home. No travel costs. No extra planning. No added expenses. Just results!

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How much does it cost?

6-Hour mini- Intensive: $770.00
(50% due upon scheduling and 50% due 24hr prior to intensive)

1-Day Intensive: $810.00.
(50% due upon scheduling and 50% due 24hr prior to intensive)

2-Day Intensive: $1080.00
(50% due upon scheduling and 50% due 24hrs prior to intensive)

Marriage Intensive Descriptions:

Half Day mini Intensive (6 Hours) 
6 hour sessions – the equivalent of a 1 1/2 month of counseling – is for couples who are on the verge of imminent separation or divorce.

1 Day Intensive ( 8-10 Hours)
This (8-10 hours) format helps by assisting couples in connecting and exploring root causes of marital dissatisfaction.

2 Day Intensive ( 10-16 Hours)
These 2 days are geared towards couples who have experienced an affair or are extremely disconnected, separated or divorced.

Format & Schedule
The format consists of closely guided exercises, experiential learning activities, scriptural teaching, relationship skills training, and application projects done both privately, and as a couple.

Time Format:
(1) Day Online Intensive: Weekday or Weekend 9:00 AM and concludes on at 5:00 PM. E.S.T.

(2) Day Online Intensive: Weekdays 9AM - 5PM or Weekend Friday and Saturday 9Am -5PM

(6) hours Mini Intensive: Any day that is available....

Note: We know life happens, so refunds can be issued 24hr prior to intensive....minus $200.00 convenience fee.

6-Hour Mini Intensive

  • 6 Hour Christian Intensive
  • Over Zoom Teleconferencing App
  • Final Payment Due 24hrs Before Session
  • 50/50 Payment Plan

2- Day Christian Intensive

  • 2- Day Christian Intensive
  • Over Zoom Teleconferencing App
  • Final Payment Due 24hrs Before Session
  • 50/50 Payment Plan
  • 808 North Franklin Street, Tampa, Florida, United States
  •  813-260-9740
  •  Monday- Friday 9:00am -6:00pm E.S.T. Saturday- 9am to 5pm E.S.T. Closed Sunday We understand that most couples have busy schedules. So, we will try to accommodate any schedule. Please let us know if you have any special scheduling request.