Dr. T.L. McCoy,Sr.,D.B.C.
Co- Founder

Todd is a proud husband and father who loves to teach the principles of Christian focused relationships. He fully understand sacrifice and how important it is in the everyday Christian relationship

Dr. Todd is passionate about equipping people of all ages with the tools for Christian effective relationships and preparing, repairing and maintaining healthy marriages. Dr.Todd has worked hard to defend our country(Army Veteran) and he will work as hard for his clients as well. During the last several years that Todd has worked intimately with pre-martial, dating, parents and couples – he has seen that developing healthy Christian(faith-focused) relationships is the key to living a fulfilled & happy life. He has effectively helped hundreds of individuals/families through all kinds of situations, such as Christian dating, pre-martial preparation, marriage enhancement, family relationship building, marriage vision, affair proofing, communication breakdown, leadership skill buiding etc.. Dr. Todd also believes that as an individual, it is important that you get the necessary skills to effectively communicate, use conflict resolution and leadership skills to reach you individual goals in life as well.  

Consequently, he believes that with the right tools and the right foundation every marriage has a 100% success rate.

 In addition to his extensive education, Todd has also received additional training from various relationship programs on coaching philosophy and effective solution-oriented techniques for teens, parents, couples & individuals. Todd’s warmth, sense of humor, and easy-going personality has helped him to effectively connect with, counsel and coach people from every walk of life. 

Hobbies and Interests:

In his spare time Todd likes to spend time with his wife Patricia and his six adult children and eight grandchildren. He enjoy sports and traveling.

Education and Certifications:

D.Min in (Biblical Counseling) 2020, Andersonville Theological Seminary

M.A. in (Biblical Counseling) 2015, Andersonville Theological Seminary 

B.A. in (Poi Science and Psychology)2005, University of Arkansas at Little Rock


Certified Marriage and Relationship Educator and Specialist.

Certified Biblical Family Counselor

Certified Christian Restorative Therapist

Certified Professional Marriage/ Relationship Christian Life Coach

Certified Professional Christian Leadership Coach

Certified S.Y.M.B.I.S and Prepare & Enrich Assessment Facilitator

Certified Christian Marriage Mentor

Ministry Licenses

Licensed and Ordained Minister