“A healthy relationship just doesn’t happen, it’s cultivated from healthy individuals that communication, compromise and the application of Christian foundational principles as your guide.”

 Our Counseling, Coaching Philosophy 

Welcome to 'The Right Marriage,' where faith meets your personal journey towards improved relationships and self-growth. Our specialized 100% virtual zoom Christian counseling and coaching services are dedicated to fostering stronger bonds, offering spiritual guidance, and encouraging personal development within the embrace of Christian values. Whether you're seeking marriage counseling, individual coaching, or spiritual support, our experienced team is here to empower you and your loved ones on the path to fulfillment and happiness.

Our Team Couple Approach 

By implementing our unique highly affective "Team Couple” approach, we offer an 100% real-life applicable Christian faith-based biblical type of counseling/coaching experience that includes a Christian male and female perspective allowing for extra active listening, support, exhortation and understanding. We also provide strong biblical perspective along with applicable individual, marriage and relationship handouts, homework and skill building exercises to assist in your continued growth.

*While counseling 100% over Zoom...we have successfully counseled and coached hundreds of couples in all 50 U.S. states and in 10 international countries so far and we want you to be next...